U3A Online Meetings

Want to see and hear your fellow U3A mates and keep Group meetings going !

MEETINGS ON LINE  With the “ZOOM” application, many of our U3A Groups are now meeting online.  The FREE VERSION allows sessions to last about an hour, or one can just reset for more time. Each participant needs a device that can receive the internet, has  a video-camera and a microphone.   A how to Link below.
"Zoom" available for  PC, i-pad, laptop, Tablet and  Mobile Phone

FREE COURSES IN LINE:  Anyone during this countries shutdown, who would like to keep their brains working, might like to investigate FutureLearn.com >       Hamilton U3A >
Offering a variety of free courses.

Find a U3A in New Zealand

Find a U3A

There are currently 83 U3A in NZ 
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If you cant find a U3A near you, we can help to:-
Start a U3A >
There are two main city Network group websites.
 Auckland >  Canterbury >   Featured U3A Group >

Whakatane U3A - Variety group - Rotorua Day out

What is U3A? 

While U3A stands for University of the Third age. We are not in modern sense a University.
- No qualifications   - No exams
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U3A Hear Great Speakers

Hear Great Speakers

NZ cities have a bigger talent pool of speakers available for  monthly meetings.  In smaller centres U3A may have outings to local businesses and organised events.  The Auckland & the Canterbury Networks each held major events this year.  Perfect for sharing ideas & assisting in starting new U3A.

Browns Bay U3A Ukulele Group

Interest Groups - using  Zoom >

Each U3A will have its own selection of Study or Interest Groups depending of members interests.
Explore the range of subjects / activities where one would like to participate.  Ideas also can come from Newsletters which have been uploaded to:-  
Local U3A  >   UKULELE, Musician, Vocal Groups > 

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